SATC: Season 1, Episode 1

Can you tell I’m obsessed? I needed some background music while I ate my lunch. Yes, lunch at 3:14 in the afternoon. My boss came in around 11:45 and didn’t leave until a few mins ago.

So, the first ep of Sex and the City. Starts with Carrie telling a story about an English journalist (Elizabeth) who came to NYC and met a very expensive man (Tim). They clicked instantly at a gallery opening (SO 90’S) and spent the next TWO WEEKS canoodling, going to romantic restaurants, sharing intimate secrets, and having wonderful sex. I can’t even talk about that yet. Apparently, they go see a townhouse in NYC.

Realtor: “Do you have any children?”
Tim: “Not yet.”

Not yet? What? You’ve known each other for two weeks. Do you even know each other’s middle names?! Then he asks “do you wanna meet my parents on tuesday?” Of course, on Tuesday, he gives her the slip, saying his mother is sick, can i get a rain check? Never calls back, of course. This is when we finally see Carrie for the first time, while Elizabeth is mourning her loss over coffee.

“I don’t understand. In England, looking at houses together would’ve meant something.”

Girl, bye. You had a beautiful relationship with some man for two weeks and that would’ve meant something? Not to take from another episode, but “I’ve had pairs of panty hose longer.”

Side note, Carrie’s apartment is different from her studio she has for the rest of the season. Another side note: In the first few episodes, Carrie talks to the camera and routinely and I wish they kept that in the show.

This is when Miranda starts to get on my nerves. Skipper talks about how if you’re not completely gorgeous you can still be an interesting person. And then Miranda goes off on some tangent about how she’s either not totally beautiful and interesting or she’s gorgeous and boring. Like girl shut up.

I’ve always admired Samantha. Her “deluded self-confidence” is what all women should have. She has sex without attachments and has a very successful career. Also, she looks so much prettier with longer hair. I still never understand why they named him Mr. Big, but at least that’s been his name the entire time. I don’t think you know that his name is John until the movie comes out.

Sometimes I watch that scene of Samantha when she’s making out with Capote and he says you can’t stay I have to wake up early, and she almost looks upset, but I can never be sure. I’ll end with a quote.

Carrie: “Have you ever been in love?”
Big: “Abso-fuckin-lutely.”