Day 1 of my new job!!

Today is my first day at the law office (even though I’ve been getting paid since Friday lol). I’m pretty impressed with myself, keeping busy and really just enjoying it. I get to listen to my own Spotify and keep this desk (it’s horrendous) organized. There’s a 27″ iMac  and a dymo labeler too (it’s like I never left apple). 

Right now I’m siriusly considering putting Netflix on in the background. My music is kinda boring me lol.

Also I left my nose ring home 😩 




Yesterday was a long, event filled day.

My godmother texted me maybe….Sunday? about doing a last minute surprise going away thing for my mother. She told us to bring wine, and a cheese board. I also told her I would make guacamole and hummus (two dips I have MASTERED making from scratch). So maybe Thursday or friday  she texts me saying, “I need you to keep your mother out of the house (my godmother just moved out of the house her and my mom had purchased together, she now resides in a gorg apartment and my mom is still in the house, but she will be leaving once the house is finalized <<hence the party>>), I have some last minute shopping to do and she can’t be there! Take her to lunch, to the movies, something. She needs to be out from 1 to 4ish.” So now I’m like, “Not only do I have to keep a HUGE surprise from my mom, but I also have to keep her outta the house???!!”

So yesterday morning, I got up to make my guac and hummus. The guac went well (until I realized I forgot jalapeño and Sean told me I forgot lime juice), and then I went to make the hummus. So I’m just chugging along, putting in chick peas, lemon juice, and olive oil. Then I get to the tahini butter. Tahini is like sesame seed butter, and it goes very well in hummus, it gives it that super tasty nutty flavor. Well, I bought my tahini maybe 8 months ago, for the next time I was to make hummus. So I open the jar, and I see this 1/2 inch thick layer of oil sitting on the top. I look on the back of the jar, and surely, it says “stir before using.” In my head I say, “well, it’s just sesame seed butter, how hard can it be to stir??” WRONG. I start digging my spoon in, and this stuff is super thick, and caked in the jar. I’m working really hard at this point. And soon enough, the spoon slips out of my hand and splashes tahini oil all over my face, glasses, arms, and the cutting board. I was fuming. So I said eff it, I’ll just scoop it out and drain the oil from the spoon. My hummus turned out great (and so did my face, after SCRUBBING IT RAW to get all the oil off of my already oily face.

I finally make it to Friday’s around 1 to meet my mom, and we’re having a good time, eating lunch, just giggling and eating. I made up this full plan to keep my mom distracted and make sure not to spill the beans. Once leaving Friday’s, we went to target (for chips..and to look at shoes). I made sure to take my time, look through all of the shoes, and the purses of course too (I just got a new job, I need a big purse to replace my apple-gifted incase book bag). Around the time we’re leaving (I ended up purchasing a fab eye mask to sleep in, to block out the sun), my mom starts complaining of a headache. I immediately started panicking. She said she was alright, and she would be fine (not knowing that she had no choice and I was gonna drag her to goodwill regardless, it was a part of the plan). We’re on our way to goodwill, and she calls me, asking “Did you wanna drop one car off at Stacie’s? I don’t want you to waste your gas.” I had to pretend I had all of the gas in the world and that I had no problem driving (I would’ve rather sat in the front seat of her car, I’d already drove 35 mins to Fridays from my apartment). “No, mom it’s fine! It’s no big deal. Honestly.”

Goodwill was a fun time. I really did need to go, I’ve been looking for new things to wear to my job to spice up my jeans with. I ended up getting 3 different cardigans, a gorg all white sweater, a cute pull over type sweatshirt thing, a lovely pair of shoes (practically new, too!) and a winter coat for 37 dollars. All the while, I’m worrying my mom isn’t gonna make it to 4:15 (aunt stacie told me she needed ice and soda), because she’s now feeling nauseous to go with the headache she’s experiencing. Luckily we made it (and I even got to buy chips).

My mom’s party went off without a hitch. She was genuinely surprised, we didn’t spill the beans once and we managed to get her good. Not for her lack of trying, now I know where I get my nosiness from. Around 8 pm most of our family left…and then the real party began. The wine was flowing, the stories were funny…and then Aunt Stacie gets drunk. Let me tell you, that was enough entertainment for 4 days. Greatest thing I’ve ever seen.

Yesterday was a good day.

Well, I’m bad at WordPress

So today was the first day of my new job (well, it was supposed to be). My last day at Apple was yesterday, and I told the guy (he’s a lawyer) my last day is Thursday, November 19, are we still going to meet on Friday the 20th as planned? He says yes. The next morning I get an email saying he can’t be there with me as planned but his old secretary Sam (short for Samantha) will be there to show me a bunch of things and he gave me a list of things I was to learn. After begrudgingly waking up at 7:30 am (after   staying at work till around 11 pm. my last day til 11, what a sham!), I got myself ready, wore a cute outfit (I’m allowed to wear jeans) and even had time to stop at wawa for breakfast before getting there at 9:15. I then still had time to braid my hair (I look like tomb raider today) and put on makeup before getting out of the car. I walk up to the office, and not only is the door locked, no one is there! So by 9:45 I’m annoyed. I emailed both the old secretary and my new boss (who was in court). The secretary emailed me back first, saying she was never able to make it and told him that already. Then he emailed me back and said call me. So I call him, and after a bit about the miscommunication between Sam and him, we agree to meet on Tuesday (three day weekend bitches!!) so he can show me the ropes. Also, I think I get a key.

That’s about where I am right now.

Well, that’s not true. Right now I’m home eating an apple and watching Titanic, wondering if it’s time for Sex and the City yet.

There’s other stuff I haven’t put on wordpress, (hence the title of my post) but I’m gonna try to be much better at it, maybe posting once a day. Maybe this can be my life e-journal for my new job and whatever else comes along.


I hate this.

I always feel like the gringa in the group when I’m with Sean and Jay. it sucks. I just want friends of my own, people that are my friends, that I didn’t get from someone else. I hate that all of my friends are people that I met through Sean. I want people that I met for myself.

Yikes, it’s been a long time!!

Is no good, I forgot all about this blog. Well, I am still engaged, for one. I have lost another car in the process, though. Little Vito was totaled in a flood. I fought with insurance for ages about that, too. But I ended up finally getting what my car is worth and buying a new BMW. I went a little different this time, I bought a 3 series instead. It’s quite nice. I’ve only had it a day, I’m not sure what his name is yet. Sean and I have been jumping around with wedding planning, lately it’s been a lot of honeymoon searching. I’ve been doing a lot of dress and venue thinking, even though we have a deposit down on a gorgeous location. My head is swirling with all the information of planning a wedding. But I’m beyond excited about it all. We also have the thought of running away and just eloping in the woods. But who knows?

I Hate School.

No really. It just makes me upset. If I never had to go back it would be nice. College to me is…idk. Not useless but I don’t know. There’s nothing about it that makes me happy. Maybe once I graduate from county college I’ll be a bit happier. But waking up, going to school, to me it’s just a burden. I wish school was cheaper, and wasn’t all about memorizing pointless facts. If college just made you take the classes required, no gen eds, no liberal arts requirements, no stupid extras, and was just classes on whatever major you chose, I might be happier.