Bry Watches The Wolverine

Did these men just stab themselves because they knew they were gonna die anyways? What a sad existence.

No baby, don’t keep staring at it. That’s coming for you. Now run, idiot.

Ugh I know Wolverine can heal himself but I have a hard time. His skin was burnt off! It literally all grew back.

Oh boy. Not again. She’s dead.

Oh yeah, that’s right. This is set after Origins. Or is it? No, it’s set after X3, Jean is dead.

Eww. Nasty hunting men.

Big foot!

Oh no. Did they kill his buddy the bear ğŸ˜ž

Oh my. Logan is still Logan, apparently. LOLOLOLOL WHISKY IN THE WOUND.

So she’s a pre-cog, then? I like her hair.

Yikes her car is grossssssss.

“Things to do?” Things like what???

That hair says you’re in pain, boo. That beard. Those nightmares.

I wonder if his accelerated healing also includes his liver and how fast liquor is…idk the word…burnt out of his bloodstream? Like can he get drunk?

Ah, so she’s also his granddaughter. (Edit, ah, that kinda granddaughter.)

Jesus they couldn’t use a wash cloth? Loofa?

The HELL is he sitting on?

Oh, I get it. That asian kid is the same guy from back in the day.

So…from him to Yukio?

I do not like or trust that doctor.

I KNEW I didn’t trust that bitch.

I bet the person no one should be trusting is Yashida’s son. Shingen.


No need to be a little shit.

I knew it. That bitch starting sapping away his ability to heal.

How is he even running? He has a shotgun wound and took one to the shoulder.

What’s Kuzuri…Yashida said that too when Logan was walking away from him.

Did he just yell gaijin?

No don’t let her leave.

Hmm. Yukio is staring at a bunch of them awfully hard. That means some of them are involved. I bet it’s Shingen. Hell, it might even be Mariko’s fiancee.

Does that mean his hands aren’t healing either? That’s gotta sting.

This whole scene is WILDLY unrealistic.

“She’s asking if we prefer the dungeon…the nurse’s office…or the mission to mars.” 😂🤣😂🤣

OMG they chose mission to mars.

Jean Grey is so pretty I love her red hair.

That’s a nice wig she has on. But it’s very obvious.

How are they paying for trains and love hotels and tram cars?

Awww how sweet. I mean, a bit of a dig because it’s probably supposed to go to her father as next in line. But he probably realized Shingen is a dick.

Does her father want to find her because that’s his daughter…or is it because she’s valuable?

Isn’t he nursing gun shot wounds? He’s not supposed to be doing heavy labor, lol. He should be resting and trying to heal, not chopping trees.

Ah. The place where he saved her father.

Oh c’mon. Is this really necessary?

What kinda parent tells her young kid who has nightmares to go back to bed and face your fears?

Man those floor beds are for the birds, that doesn’t look comfortable.

OOOOh i see skanks.

he’s lucky he survived.

yikes they’re deadly quiet.

yikes he’s crazy.

I’m sure he’s about to come back to life.

welp, if Yukio left a few mins after he did then she should be there soon to help save his life. Aannnddd there she is.

Pull your skin off on that injury, bitch!

omg he’s in there i knew it!

oop here comes mariko. hell hath no fury..

did he suck his healing back into his body after he took it lol?

They couldn’t get Jean Grey a better wig?

He’s finally coming to terms with what he did.

She gave her that look like “I’ll be on the plane.”

Damn. No healing. No adamantium claws.


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