This Weekend

Wayyyyy too much happened this weekend. I feel like I’m still catching up on my damn sleep and I wanna take a nap at my desk.

Friday I played music from 7-9. But after wards, we were hell bent on seeing this new brewery that we wanted to get booked in. (Side note, Broken Goblet has tasty ass beer). We walk in and theres this guy up there named…Andrew? Nope. Checked my insta. It’s Jason Ager. Cool ass voice. Looks like a lumberjack that can sing. We stayed till the end of his set. That was at like…12? 12ish? Then, because we told someone ELSE we’d come see them play, we headed over to Dog and Bull (regular place we play, good beer good food) and watch this guy. He played til 1. By this time, I’m falling asleep in my chair. But I put on a brave face because i can’t always be a wet blanket. We got home by 2, I’m falling asleep at the wheel I’m so tired.

Saturday during the morning I think was pretty normal. We made pasta and headed to our singer friend Eryn’s (and her fab fiancee) house in offing Holmdel, NJ. Thats about 1.5 hours from comfy Collingswood. By this time I have a headache that won’t quit. But again, I put on a brave face because I love Eryn and I finally got to hang out with her and her mans (Anthony Marantino voice) when they aren’t playing on stage. We ate homemade pasta with red sauce and some tasty meatballs that I surely don’t know the name of but I thought they were vegetarian (Eryn doesn’t eat meat). Then Matt starts bringing out all the fun shit. And by fun shit, I don’t mean board games. I mean blow dart guns, compact bows, big ass bb guns, and this cool gun that had an air tank. Little baby 45. I shot all of these things, btw. I had on my bad ass assassin pants (really just black leggings with leather panels on the sides) and I felt like an actual assassin. Actually wait I didn’t shoot the compact bow. But I watched! We stayed there and did shenanigans til 1 (BIG ASS YAWN WITH A HEADACHE). At least this time I didn’t have to drive but poor sean was a trooper, I fell asleep like 4 times. Got home at 2:30, I was asleep in 10 minutes lol.

Sunday was chill. Sean’s crazy ass woke up at like…5? 4:45? To go kayak fishing with his buddy. Me? I lazed all day. Some on the couch, some on my bed. I got up to cook at like 8 or something.

I went to lunch with my boo thang Amanda yesterday. Woke up at 7 (work alarms on my day off meh) and…well, I did nothing. Well, I programmed the antenna for my bedroom tv. And I pained my toes.

After all of the going to bed late and consuming much wine and beer this weekend, my body is STILL trying to catch up, even with the extra day off. I may only be 25 (26 in March!), but I’m too old for that shit, I do NOT bounce back any more. I’m trying to be in bed by 10, 11 at the latest. But I still love going out 🤔. How to balance such a problem lol.



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