So I’m watching Sex and the City Part 2

Oh and let me just start this off with I have seen every single episode of Sex and the City. And both movies. Actually, I own both movies on iTunes. So they aren’t new to me lol.

But in this episode in Season 4, Charlotte and Trey have decided to get a divorce, and Carrie and Aidan (Aiden?) have broken up as well. Carrie has to buy her apartment back from Aiden (Aidan?) because he bought it for them to live in. Meanwhile, Charlotte is contemplating on whether or not to keep her ring or turn into into another piece of jewelry.

“These were my baguettes. Because it turned out my husband was a fag-ette, now they’re earrings. But he had good taste.”

She decided she wasn’t ready for it.

“Just don’t take it to the gypsies next door!’

Aiden (Aidan?) told Carrie before he walked out that he wanted her to have the ring as she told him it was on the cloud (clown? probs not, she hates clowns. “there’s nothing scarier…than a clown.”) table. I was like, first of all, he’s a little dumb. That ring looked like AT LEAST 1.5-2 carats on a gorgeous solitaire setting, it was obviously expensive. Had he even finished paying it off yet? Second, on the other hand, I would’ve kept it. Then, she wouldn’t have had to ask many a person for a loan for her apartment. Then, while shopping for comfortable shoes with Miranda, she realizes that she has about 100 pairs of shoes, that were around 400 each. She has spent 40k on shoes alone. FORTY THOUSAND DOLLARS.

“Water, water, everywhere, and not a drop to drink.”

Charlotte is kind enough (after Carrie decided to go to her apartment and yell at her about not offering money after Miranda and Samantha offered to help her with her down payment) to give Carrie her ring as exchange for a down payment because she didn’t want to be attached to it anymore. Big also offered her money, which I would’ve taken. Big’s loaded, he wouldn’t miss the loan anyways lol.

“These shoes pinch my feet. But I love them.”


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