So I’m watching Sex and the City at work..

And in the season finale of season 3, Miranda and Carrie are walking down the street talking and they see their ex-boyfriends eating at a restaurant in the direction they’re walking in. They flee to an open doorway of an apartment building, saying their only two options are to run the other way or they move into that building.

“we can’t run. these shoe straps will break.”

I’m like, there’s a third option, girls. They could’ve easily walked across the street! Like, you run across the street, then when you pass the bar, you go back across the street lol.

On another note, Carries outfit (minus those shoes, I HATE some of her shoes) in the scene where her and Miranda have a fight is gorge. I love that outfit.

Honorable quotes:

“Samantha always got her way with men. Even if they are half-woman.”
“I said get that thing outta my ass or I’m gonna shit on it!”
“Destiny. China. Jo. No e, she got the e cut off.”
“Because sweet friend: You and I…are like that red wall. It’s a good idea in theory, but somehow…it doesn’t quite work.”
“Who wants a wiener? “Girl, I’m trying to get rid of one”
“I’m way past a flirtini, I need a fuck-tini!”


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