I hate this.

I always feel like the gringa in the group when I’m with Sean and Jay. it sucks. I just want friends of my own, people that are my friends, that I didn’t get from someone else. I hate that all of my friends are people that I met through Sean. I want people that I met for myself.


Yikes, it’s been a long time!!

Is no good, I forgot all about this blog. Well, I am still engaged, for one. I have lost another car in the process, though. Little Vito was totaled in a flood. I fought with insurance for ages about that, too. But I ended up finally getting what my car is worth and buying a new BMW. I went a little different this time, I bought a 3 series instead. It’s quite nice. I’ve only had it a day, I’m not sure what his name is yet. Sean and I have been jumping around with wedding planning, lately it’s been a lot of honeymoon searching. I’ve been doing a lot of dress and venue thinking, even though we have a deposit down on a gorgeous location. My head is swirling with all the information of planning a wedding. But I’m beyond excited about it all. We also have the thought of running away and just eloping in the woods. But who knows?