I hate getting my period.

I’m just sitting here watching One Tree Hill, the episode where Hayley goes on tour for the second time. I’m watching and I’m about to cry. I always know my period is coming soon because everything makes me cry.

Eff my life.


I Hate School.

No really. It just makes me upset. If I never had to go back it would be nice. College to me is…idk. Not useless but I don’t know. There’s nothing about it that makes me happy. Maybe once I graduate from county college I’ll be a bit happier. But waking up, going to school, to me it’s just a burden. I wish school was cheaper, and wasn’t all about memorizing pointless facts. If college just made you take the classes required, no gen eds, no liberal arts requirements, no stupid extras, and was just classes on whatever major you chose, I might be happier.